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Virtual Media Technology

Is an IT services company specializing in the development of software and websites with the latest technologies.Our company has acquired more than 25 years of skills and experience, allowing it to implement any IT project in all its aspects.
(Specifications, design, development, tests, validation, deployment, support and maintenance ...)
We are convinced that the good quality of our products and services is a guarantee of better growth

Virtual Media Technology

Smart software solutions

Our core values ​​are: 

-Customer meaning
-Respect of obligations
-Solidarity and respect for human beings
-Our services: -Specific development , IT, web, mobile
-Technical assistance

Areas of expertise :

-ERP hospital management system
-electronic documents -Management
-Management seaports
-Management GPS cars and trucks
-Management insurance
school and university -Management
-Smart municipality
-Management Vote

Skills and techniques:

Mastery of technology is not an objective in itself, we master technologies in order to be able to provide quality services to our customers and solutions that adapt to their needs and contexts. Our technical skills are the result of the needs of our customers. Below is a non-exhaustive list
Dynamic Web Development:
• Web 2.0 (Ajax, HTML, RSS, etc.)
• CMS: Joomla, Typo3, Typolight
• MS Sharepoint
• ASP.Net
• JQuerey framework, extJS , Symfony, Zend

Development of programs with:
• J2ME (mobile applications)

Project management:
• Cascading methods (RUP, 2TUP)
• Agile methods (Scrum) 

Smartphone platforms

• iPhone
• Android
• J2ME
• Blackberry

Database :
• Hyperfile SQL
• Oracle
• SQL Server
• DB2
• Postgres
• Big Data 

Maintenance and assistance:

We support and support the web applications and portals we develop and those developed by third parties.

We provide first, second and third level support service.
In the case of applications and portals developed by our company, we provide the following:
Guarantee against errors and malfunctions The guarantee period varies from 3 months to 24 months, depending on the project
• Support by e-mail and hotline

In the case of applications developed by third parties, the initiation step is necessary to identify the product to be maintained and to evaluate the work associated with it.



 Hospital Management System :

Hospital Information Management System, which is a set of ERP software modules for the computerization of any large hospital and connected clinics and their subsidiaries. Information is available anytime, anywhere. This makes the user easy to use, extremely versatile, quick to set up and an integrated central database.


Clinical management:

A comprehensive program that allows practitioners to manage various aspects of their daily life:
Management of records / appointments / patient consultations /
Treatment plans / prescription issuance
Print reports / fees / statistics / reminders ... etc.


Pharmacy management system:

Pharmacy management software or any retail business includes management of sales, purchase, return, discount, equity, credit, customer, supplier.
Various reports covering all sales and details


Hotel Management System :

Easy to use and affordable, the hotel management software and hotel management system are completely designed to meet your specific needs. More versatile, more efficient, faster, clearer, more precise and more professional. The needs of the world you live in


Industry 4.0

Horizontal integration of Industry 4.0. We do everything from the basics, without human intervention, in the interaction between products and machines, and machines between them. We are in a global system
Connected to the fourth generation 4.0


Smart Municipality:

- Efficient organization and disposal of waste by the groups linked to the system
- Efficient use of trucks and disposal of waste as quickly as possible
- Vote for municipal legislator / electronic suggestion box
- Detect violations and correct them as soon as possible
- Obtain licenses and certificates
- Electronic management and archiving


Archive Management System :

Is an integrated system of management, archiving and use of files in internal messaging between services, characterized by high performance and linked to a system that works on the processing of images from scanners.
Searching and indexing is one of the great features of the system, as each document is indexed along with its content and content, and it can be searched with full text and logical queries. Users can combine multiple search criteria


Document management system and workflow:

     Every government or private organization needs a lot of paperwork and strives to simplify traditional work tasks and recover files easier and faster. Document management and electronic archiving system, secure system for outgoing and inbound transactions as well as task management solutions that perfectly target the success of the organization


School and university management system:

The program allows you to add all the data of the student's father with the ability to search on his behalf to reach his children who are enrolled in school or institute in all classes. The program contains a special screen for parents only. In addition to the ease of printing full reports for the student with all this data, the
program also makes it easy to transfer successful students from one semester to the next semester for him or from one group to another without having to re-register the evidence.


Online sales are no longer an optional source of income. We create beautifully designed ecommerce platforms that allow you to showcase your products to a wider audience.

Mobile application development

Mobile applications are now at the heart of the digital strategy of most companies. Apps everywhere on smart mobile devices now allow businesses to stay in touch with their customers 24/7

site design

We design beautiful websites that meet web development standards and make sure your content is presented accurately no matter what device you use to display it.

Some references

  • ا For investors: like any start-up, virtual media technologies require a lot of attention, action and fertilizer. We are confident in the development potential of our emerging activity in general in the e-health sector where the market is estimated at 244 billion dollars by 2021. To support our development and growth, we are launching our first event fundraising. Want to join us? Send us an email below

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Tel .: +216 23 182 242
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Contact :

Tel .: +216 23 182 242
Whatsapp: +216 23182242